Meditation Drawings


What are Meditation Drawings?

There are two ways I tend to go about making art. 

  1. I have a general idea of the theme, place, or thing I am trying to represent. I do some sketches for composition and color, find something that works for me, and then execute the painting or drawing, adding layers and iterating until completion.
  2. I sit down with some paper and colored pencils or a pen, and just draw. I get into a “zone” and let the drawing flow naturally from my subconscious, making all decisions as I go, but in general not thinking very hard about an end result. I just let it happen naturally and see where I end up. I refer to this type of drawing as “meditation” drawing as I achieve a very similar frame of mind when I am creating these works as I do when practicing more traditional forms of meditation. Creating work like this is something I enjoy doing immensely, and is always a go-to activity for me if I am trying to decompress or alleviate any type of stress in my life. Sometimes I will take these drawings and use them as a basis to render a more planned out and detailed painting or series. Other times I make them purely for joy of it.